AuthorTopic: The logic of accounting
@2017-09-01 07:56:02
I'm an engineer with almost no financial knowledge, no investing experience and english is not my mother tonge. I'm studying the CFA I and, for a while, I was thinking this accounting thing was just impossible to grasp.

But suddenly I understood the logic behind the main equations and all fell like a house of cards (accruals seemed surprisingly straightforward after all). Omitting the brutal amount of memorization that the CFA requires (specially if you're learning words that are 100% new for you), I'm starting to believe that the first and maybe main effort to assimilate the program is to work the concepts till they all correlate. Then you've to memorize all the fancy words to avoid future sentences like "if this thing goes up the other thing goes down."

Just releasing after a productive study evening, knowing that the worst didn't even started.
@2016-09-03 13:38:57
well done. keep it up. Small steps will get you there.

CFA Discussion Topic: The logic of accounting

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