AuthorTopic: The Myth About Ethics
@2014-02-12 09:52:53
Just to put the rumor to rest, I passed level I, however, I managed to simulateously bomb the ethics portion of the exam. So.....I guess the rumor that you have to pass ethics to pass the exam isn't necessarily true. Any thoughts???
@2014-02-13 18:23:19
...Same thing, passed the test, bombed ethics. It's a tiebreaker for those on the 'bubble' is what I hear but who really knows?!
@2014-02-13 22:12:37
I was told that ethics is used to determine pass or fail for borderline exams only.
@2014-02-14 14:42:57
When you say "bomb", do you mean below 50 or between 51 and 70?
@2014-02-15 11:03:17
I mean like.....below 50%.....I was kind of surprised I did that bad...but...I guess it didn't end up mattering.
@2014-02-16 15:23:01
To put the rumor to end once and for all... I was one of the borderline candidates... and failed level one, however "kicked ass" on ethichs--i.e. >70%... leading me to believe, that the whole ethics counts more especially if on the boarderline is one big crock!!!!
@2014-02-21 13:50:17
ethic is the easiest portion so thats y more stress is being given in syllabus outline or on inst site +++++++++++++ think so
@2019-03-31 09:31:07
Hey bbking! How do you know you were borderline? What was your feedback from the other sections?

If you are over 50% for all areas will you pass?
Any ideas?

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