AuthorTopic: The Night before the Exam!?!
@2009-12-01 11:11:51
I noticed that the majority of candidates do not seem to have a good night sleep before the exam. Obviously stress, fear of the exam and intensity of the days before the exam make it difficult for most candidates to sleep well the night before.

Speaking for myself, I felt really tired towards the end of the afternoon session to a degree that affected my concentration level. I escaped L1 narrowely!

Lets share some thoughts on the best way to organize time the night before the exam. This may seem like a trivial subject, but believe me, it can mean the difference between success and failure. Good luck to all...

@2009-12-02 09:54:10
Didn't study at all the day before, and took the day off from work as well. Slept in a little, had a good breakfast, worked out, and generally tried to keep myself busy with small errands.

Treated myself to a nice dinner with the wife, watched a little TV and did some pleasure reading.

Many thanks to analystnotes!

@2009-12-04 13:36:07
I remember taking a mock exam from analystnotes early in the morning (I took the day off of work). I scored around an 82%, decided that was enough, and journeyed outside to run and enjoy the day off. I watched TV till 10:00 or so and then retired for the evening. I passed Level 1 with room to spare. I saved the drinking for the night after the exam. I think I'm still a little hungover.. Ha!
@2009-12-05 01:28:04
Many of us aren't lucky enough to have an exam centre in our home towns, so the night before is spent driving to the exam city and sleeping in a hotel....
@2010-04-24 19:44:07
miserable life

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