AuthorTopic: the topic in the morning and afternoon session.
@2015-04-13 09:29:10
could somebody with experience tell me, the topics in the morning session and in the afternoon session are different topics(eg. morning session test ethical to investment tool and afternoon test assets valuation to protfolio management); or both of moring session and afternoon session go throught the whole topics?
thanks so much.
@2015-04-15 14:01:00
The morning and afternoon tests test the same topics in the same proportion. e.g. Ethics is 15% of morning and 15% of the afternoon
@2015-05-27 12:44:24
although the topics were all the same, i thought the morning session was soooooooooo much easier than the afternoon for some reason.

CFA Discussion Topic: the topic in the morning and afternoon session.

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