AuthorTopic: This board is filled with a bunch
@2003-03-15 15:24:01
of arrogant, insecure, and conniving ASSHOLES!! There is no respect for any of your fellow CFA candidates, and it seems that you will do anything to attack the creditability of others.
Is this the type of investment managers we want to deal with? Bastards who walk around with a 6 foot broom stick shoved up their asses?

You are all probably obese individuals who spend your time studying for a stupid exam that will only add initials to your WASP names. Why don't you get off your fat asses and get into the gym to ward off that unavoidable heart attack you have coming? But then again, it will proably be a better world without you.

And while you are at it, why not shove your fist up your ass to get that broomstick out of there.

If this behavior continues, I'm assured that you are ALL GOING TO HELL!! You fucking bastards.

I'm off this board, but you insecure pricks will probably post anyway just because your ego gets in the way.
@2003-03-17 12:17:08
Don't hold back next time. Tell us what you really think.

Sitting back worrying about another Level of the exams, I must admit that the discourse on this LI board assures me that the quality of Candidates has fallen quite a bit.
@2003-03-18 02:54:29
what is WASP?
@2003-03-22 21:42:43
True. While the qualifications of CFA, MBA and PHD all go up to the level that everybody has them the reality is that the talent pool has gone down severely.
@2003-03-29 18:01:10
It's like a BEE (and why are you shouting)

WASP: White Anglo Saxon Protestant.

Fwiw, I'm both a wasp and Ivy League educated (graduate degree from a certain school in Rhode Island)
@2003-03-30 09:52:50
Isn't that the school that did not give grades for a decade or more, but everyone just "passed"?
@2003-04-01 17:17:12
"SNC" (satisfactory/no credit) but
(a) that was optional: only flakes and fruits in the liberal arts did it , and you average employer would read that as a "C" (and rightly so) and (b) they sure as hell didn't do it in grad school.

On the other hand, a school I know in Ontario has a program in "kinesiology" (read: phys. ed.) and a typical class is: go for a swim, go place basketball.
@2003-04-09 22:47:45
I agree!! You people cannot play nicely! When someone posts something of interests, some idiot always find a way to trash it or make fun of the subject or whatever!!! we already have a lot of these destructive people in this world, but obviously you people belong with them! This board is supposed to be informative for the CFA candidates not filled with these mindless stupid craps! Not only does this kind of behavior shows that your parents didn't teach you shit! or may be they taught you something decent but you're toooooo stupid to listen or tooooo busy behaving like a moron^2. It also shows that you have no ethical or professional quality to even be in the CFA program let alone be on this planet! grow up!!!
@2003-04-11 08:23:24
I don't have a problem with roughing up the play a bit but the fact remains that the standards on this message board have decreased dramatically, which sucks since we are all in the same boot. I don't think that the people posting messages that are not middle -of-the-road comments are guys that are playing hardball in business/life, but rather little geeks that wouldn't say I word if they'd meet any of us in the real world. Besides, it's easy to pretend you are a hardass hiding behind your screen in the basement of a transfer agency. So if any of you guys want to put your money where your mouth is meet me May 31st, 9:00am at the bull statute in front of the ML building in NYC. Will be flying in for some business meetings, as well as pleasure. We can either chat about finance like a CFA candidate (my personal preference) or take it to the street. Either way, here's my resume that I am prepared to back up in PERSON:
6'1", 235 lbs, finance nut with 6 years of Judo at pan-European competition level, 1 year of Kung Fu, undergrad in finance and econ. (obtained in 3rd language), just passed CFA level one at first attempt (also in 3rd language)

If you have to come up with some lame response to this feel free to attempt to intimidate me. Just know this: If have been shot at and survived a stabbing, i.e. got 19 scares on my body to back it up. The last thing I am afraid of is someone in a suit trying to threaten me with some pre-teen comments thinking they are the shit because they passed some exam.

C'mon, don't kid' yourself. Without the safety of your computer screen and in a different environment you'd be the quiet nice guy your co-workers know you as.

But if you were indeed the hardass you want everyone, including yourself, make believe you are why don't we meet some day, either on the street or in the board room, and you show me what you got. I hardly doubt that the people who know what they are capable of accomplishing need message boards to convince themselves how "tough" they are.

Anyway, if any of you want to get together on May 31 to have a good time let me know.


PS.: THINK about what I said when you post your response.
@2003-04-12 20:13:43
This guy is too much...just wasted 2 minutes reading his fucking post...what a joke.
@2003-04-13 04:55:35
Guys, can we stop this thread and go back to study??
@2003-04-29 11:16:11
Hey tough guy this is not a leather gay boy chat board either. So why don't take your 235lbs of Judo ass packing (Oh I meant kicking) mass to the East Village when your in New York, and leave us straight Finance guys alone.

Are your stab wounds from a prison gang rape or was that intentional for some from self loathing.
@2003-06-12 12:48:33
Is this guy Serious?

This Can't be for real anyone that a company entrust to deal with clients in surely much more mature than this.

But since I just met a guy who claims to have been in the business for 19 years and says that he has never heard of the term "ALPHA" I'm no longer surprised by anything so if you are for real.

Man you need to:
1. Relax
2. loose some weight.. 6'1",235
apperance is very important in this business.. for goodness sake, man put the ho-ho's down and have some pride, your scareing the clients
3.Keep your sketchy criminal past to yourself. You should be embarassed by it not proud.

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