AuthorTopic: This Should be a Violation of the Standards and Practices
@2019-06-29 22:19:02

I finished the AM portion with time to spare. Went over the questions etc. Sat there. Turned in the exam. Went to lunch.

I got back from lunch at 1:15 pm to find a proctor come up to me and say, "I wanted to let you know...We had to file an incident report on you." My heart literally skipped a beat, my jaw dropped so low I had carpet fuzz on it. I asked why and the lady said, "You left the exam room before all of the exams were picked up." I explained that I DID NOT DO THIS. I stayed until the last person turned in their exam and left when the proctor said it was okay to leave. There was someone who did leave prior to the exams being picked up, but it was a WOMAN! I'M a DUDE! SHE SAT ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ROOM, I WAS ON THE RIGHT! The proctor's response, "Okay...Whatever..." turned and started to walk away.

I was LIVID. I had started studying in January, logged well over 300hrs of study time at and now I was going to be SCREWED because the proctor thought I was someone else!

THANK GOODNESS FOR MY FELLOW LEVEL I CANDIDATES! Two guys sitting a few seats away spoke up and verified my story. They confirmed I was there and the culprit was someone else.

The proctor then said she would "correct" the report. 2:00pm PM starts. 2:30pm I was finally relaxed enough to focus on the exam. I finished with some time to spare. Then I was glaring at the proctor that accussed me.

5:00pm. I turned in the exam. I stated in a polite way that I would have to be a MORON to spend all that time and effort studying to jeapordize my score by something SOOO Stupid as to not following the instructions!

The proctor said they destoryed the report. I'm not sure If I believe them. A few charterholders told me not to worry, but I tell you what...I worry. We've all read the candidate bulletins and know what happens when an incident report is filed on you. YOUR SCREWED!!!!

I just thought I'd share. I tell you if something like this happens to you, screw the dumb-ass who didn't follow the rules. Tell the proctor. Otherwise this can happen to you.

If you're one of the three people who spoke up for me. You know who you are, a BIG THANK YOU! Please email me and I'll buy you a beer.
@2019-07-12 11:34:01
You are totally wrong. The proctor didn't destroy the report. Those reports get put into the same lock box that the exams go into. They are slipped in the second they are complete. Do you really think that those strict CFA Institute officials would give those idiot proctors any discretion in a situation like that? NO! The report is there and 80-20 you're screwed. Don't worry, you probably failed anyways and a one-year suspension isn't so bad - you should be finished the program by the end of the decade still.
@2019-07-30 17:15:57
What the proctor said made little sense. If she saw the person left the room earlier than required, why didn't she make an effort to stop the person? No one is going to jeopardize his/her exam status on purpose by leaving the room early. The proctor would do that person a great favor by reminding him/her it's not time to leave yet.

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