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@2015-03-03 12:36:44
Hi all, was just checking out the CFAI website to get info on level 1 costs and exam dates. I received my MBA in June, 2014, but thanks to the great job market, I am stuck in a temp job. Unbelievable? It's true .... sad .... but true.

Anyway, I want to get into financial analysis as a career. My MBA was in finance and prior to that I have no experience as a financial analyst. I've checked out the self-assessment on CFAI and it seems fairly simple and straightforward thanks to the MBA curriculum. For those that have taken Level 1, how does the self-assessment compare to the actual exam? Is it a good representation of the actual exam material?

Just curious, any help is appreciated.
@2015-04-07 09:47:43
self-assessment test is outright funny, when you compare it to the real exam. Level I is not really hard, but you'll have to put in some time to succeed.
@2015-04-20 14:23:37
If you are prepared to put in the time, you will be fine. CFAI's self assessment and practice exams are not representative of the actual exam. The actual exam is pretty brutal and demoralizing in my opinion, but passable if you prepare thoroughly. I passed without a finance background or MBA.

Try the analystnotes' mock exam #1 and see your performance! It is commonly regarded as one of the closest to the real exam.

@2015-05-15 23:01:41
Agree with everyone else - self-assessment exam is simple, sample exam provided by CFAI is not too hard, I studied the material and as I have a degree and post grad in finance thought the Level 1 material was about as difficult as first year uni - ie not too hard, I was pretty confident 'cause I thought how hard can they make a simple format multiple choice exam on this stuff - I thought the failure rate might have been a lot of people winging it and then I sat the exam and as someone else put it "brutal" - no-one I spoke to afterwards was confident of passing we all were just hoping...

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