AuthorTopic: thoughts on stalla
@2003-10-10 14:21:17
has anyone used the stalla notes/attended lectures?
@2003-10-14 12:37:18
My friend used it for Level II preparation, but seems too simplify for her to understand the topic....
@2003-10-23 03:18:21
I got their free sample notes yesterday. SO Many missing figures

When will the fucking errata be available????
@2003-10-23 12:51:45
right after your exam. be patient pls
@2003-10-23 17:04:46
I would concur. There have been many errors that I have found in its sample notes. It is hard to have confidence in the notes with all the errors.
@2004-01-31 17:32:13

Was just wondering if even one else was having problems with Stalla Refunds?? I cancelled my order even before it was shipped mid december and have yet to see money back in my account..

anyone else??

thanks in advance
@2004-05-28 12:39:56
I do think that Stalla's notes is good for you to have a clear idea about the topic. If you think that it is too simple, i think you can do more exercises. Cfacenter notes with stalla's notes is good and enough for the exam.
@2004-06-05 19:07:45
I just took my level I yesterday here in Riyadh, I used Stalla, but the real exam was a lot different and too much harder, plus of course the annoying mistakes in their notes.
@2004-06-15 04:29:17
Well, so in all Stella isn't worth it. SO WHICH NOTS to READ?

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt