AuthorTopic: TI BAII Plus' battery
@2005-05-31 17:34:23
How long does TI BAII plus' batter usually last? 2 yr? 3 yr? I m not sure if I should replace it with a brand new battery before exam day. Thanks for reply! =)
@2005-06-01 12:02:29
Err on the side of caution and replace them now AND bring a backup supply. The last thing anyone needs on exam day is for their calculator to go blank and not be able to do anything about it. Why would anyone want to commit weeks and months of time to studying and then have something as simple as their calculator going dead disrupt their chances on the exam? It's well worth the $10 or so to get some fresh batteries.
@2005-06-01 13:55:50
Also...don't bet on changing that damn battery in the middle of the exam. It's a royal pain to do even when the clock isn't ticking...
@2005-06-14 12:51:38
you're allowed to bring a screwdriver to the exam, for the specific purpose of replacing the battery. I practised, and it took me about 15 seconds to replace it.

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