AuthorTopic: Time Constraints
@2018-06-03 11:40:04
Dear all,

Am new to this site and forum and have recently enrolled for CFA I Dec exam this year, I know timing is great issue for my preparation, despite the fact that each of us have his/her own review means and strategies, I would highly appreciate getting your feedback on any study techniques at constraint times. My initial plan was reading the study notes and do questions. Honestly I think it work but still need some guidelines.
@2018-06-04 18:50:30
Try browsing some of the older threads. this topic has been covered before.
@2018-07-14 11:26:23
make sure you cover the essential topics like Ethics, FSA, Equity and know them well, focus on more important areas in other areas like in Debt, Derv and don't get bogged down in detail, do lots and lots of questions, must do the sample exam questions and not just back of the chapter questions, focus your effort and practice questions.

CFA Discussion Topic: Time Constraints

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!