AuthorTopic: Time Management Tips for CFA Level I
@2015-05-09 22:10:02
Wear a watch

Monitor your status on a cumulative basis at least every 30 minutes. For example, in Level 1, you need to complete 120 questions in 3 hours, so you should finish about 20 questions per 30 minutes.

Take at least one bathroom break during the three hour session. This takes time, but it is worth it to refocus your efforts.

For the essay questions, either write your target end time on each question. Move to the next question if you run more than a few minutes over the written time.

Take practice exams while wearing a watch and adhering to the time constraints.

Focus on passing the exam, not answering every question. For example, if you are trying to average 90 seconds per question (like in Level I), do not spend 5 minutes on a question. Just let it go.

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