AuthorTopic: Time to start June 2016 exam prep?
@2015-07-22 19:14:09
hello. is it right time to start learning for june 2016 exam now?
are materials (analystnotes) for December 2015 the same as for june 2016?
@2015-08-23 15:29:36
Yes why don't you sign up for the June 2016 exam? You have PLENTY of time to study, then you can take a break before starting Level 2. BTW they haven't even started accepting enrollments for June '16 have they? Relax while you can
@2015-09-16 16:01:09
1 year? I think that may be close to the point of diminishing returns. It's the right time to start studying for June 2016.

Yes the materials are the same for the June & December (same calendar year) exams.

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