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@2018-03-24 16:09:30

I was just hoping to get a feel for what most people are focusing on at this point in their studies for the June exam. I've read through all of the material and am ready to firm up everything doing practice exams, etc but would appreciate any tips others have on how to approach this stage. Break it up and go back through section by section? Try to review all sections at once memorizing formulas along the way?

Any advice is appreciated!
@2018-03-25 09:53:06
the last month, you need to stick with review questions and mock exams. try mock exams from AN and CFAI and keep pounding through practice questions. This will really help re in force all ur concepts you have learned thus far. Any areas you forget- re read the sections and carry on. Best of luck
@2018-05-01 12:27:33
Yes, focus on practice problems. The CFAi mock exams and sample exams that you pay for on their website are great. Take them now so you can focus on the improving weak areas. A lot of people are afraid to get negative feedback and either put them off until it?s too late to work on weak areas or they skip them all together. That?s a mistake. Another great way to study is to start going through all the end of chapter questions in the CFAi text. They are much better than most mock questions in my opinion, but there are fewer of them. Even if you?ve already done them, it?s great to go back through a second time as a refresher. I always block of 2-4 days the week prior to the exam to focus on ethics since that is one area that is big, you know it will be tested, and it?s more of a memory thing rather than understanding concepts. It also leads off both morning and afternoon sessions, it?s always good to start off feeling confident.

Lastly, I always made index cards with formulas and concepts. The stack will likely be pretty big, but I divided it into key concepts and everything else where the main concepts stack was much smaller. It?s easier to carry with you and gives you something to flip through on your downtime. I also found warming up your brain by reviewing the key concepts cards the morning of as you?re sitting in the lobby, and again over lunch a good way boost your confidence and to distract yourself from your nerves by focusing on what you know rather than worrying about what you don?t.

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu