AuthorTopic: To be CFA holder or not to be, is this a mind trick?
@2018-07-01 00:28:28
Dear All,

I know this is long, but read on. I am confident this will benefit you too.

I have a problem starting to study for level II exam (on June, 18). I have mixed feelings, and they all cook to become I DON'T WANT TO STUDY. I am getting so depressed, I don't want to wake up from bed, I feel down, lazy, extremely underproductive at work, I've been sleeping 12 hours a day on average, just because now its time to start studying for the exam. I even saw a psychiatrist on the hope of getting some Adderall that might help getting me to study, and I ended up complaining too much and getting anti-depressant instead.

I translated this that the CFA path might be not for me, and my mind is telling me you're doing the wrong thing. So I started questioning myself deep questions like: what I want out of life, do I really wanna stick to the finance path for the rest of your life, isn't this being part of the same "brainwashing" I think I got out of college? Shouldn't I pursue the path that I want of life, rather than bullying myself into a path filled with exaggerated promises that have no basis at all, a path that is based on fears that are mostly based on society's outlook? All this suffering is because you don't want it, if you wanted it, it won't be suffering, it'll be painful yet enjoyable.

I have came into a realization before that working a full time job for anybody is NOT for me. Nothing is worth the price of my mental, emotional, and time freedom. The way of life for me is independence, and I am confident I will survive if not thrive in it. Even if I fail, I am happy, at least I did not invest my life in something against my will.

Currently, these views are just views; I am still afraid and sticking to society's most common approach, serve the rich and powerful, and they will provide money, be the best servant get the CFA, and the rich will provide more money, while avoiding all the opportunities I can make myself out of this world (my personal view, and I'd love to argue about it). I feel like building a safety net over another over another and ending up wasting a life time without flying.

During my CFA level I I've had the same crisis, and that wasn't at the beginning, it was at the last period, I said I'll do it anyway, but after that no more, the CFA path is not for me. I hesitated signing up for II, but I bullied myself, and pushed myself to register and swallow what ever comes later.

It is not fear of failure, I have high IQ, scored highest in all topics except one in I, I am 100% sure I'll pass if I prepared well for II.

Are all of this mind tricks and I am just procastinating and don't want to get into it? I don't think so, my arguments are valid. (where this thinking is from same entity thats does the tricks.)

Obviously, I am confused and I need 3rd party views..

Need your wise views. I truly appreciate any input.
@2018-07-12 17:33:04
so in summary, you just just a lazy piece of potato. I'm sure lots of ambitious CFA candidates love to hear stories like yours. because your failure and lack of motivation reduces the competition for everyone else.

Thanks for your contribution !
@2018-07-13 23:24:43
Fair warning - it's only going to get worse at L3.

I still romanticized the CFA program at L2 and had all the energy in the world to spend all the time I could with my six books. At L3, I couldn't stand the sight of the books before even opening the first one. I only took each test once and motivation was still low for the last one.
@2019-07-24 08:24:23
op, i feel ya. i think we're in the same boat. i get lazy under anticipating pressure but i buckle down when time constraints become more apparent. my best advice is to not worry about it until the new year. no use fretting when its still a long time away. I personally wont study until February. stay positive and do something you like to do in the meantime. hard to do under pressure i know but it is what it is.

I personally started because i like to learn and was curious about the investment industry. At this point, i m just here to add a badge of honor. 2 more yrs of work exp and 1 more test. i think like you, and i feel its a damn rat race, but im in too deep at this point already. which is why i've saved some dough and am starting a biz next year with an ex co worker and some friends. prolly wont quit my job though cuz i'd still be researching crap even if it wasnt paid to do it

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!