AuthorTopic: To old for MBA @ 27/28?
@2015-03-10 07:32:59
Is it too old to do an MBA at 27/28?

Currently just turned 25 and have a BSc from top uni (high GPA average), did MSc in Finance Math and currently doing part time MSc in international Real Estate and Investment - will be 26/27 when I finish this. Then wanted to do 1 year MBA to finish all my education at 27 or 28 so would finish at 28 or 29. Opinions?

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@2015-04-03 06:11:14
don't most mba students have an average of 4-5 years experience anyways, making them around 26-27...i think wharton's average is closer to 5-6 years isn't it? i think most ppl in mba programs would be around 27-28
@2015-05-05 23:40:11
What gives you the idea that you're too old at 27/28? Give me a break!

There is something to be said for having "life experience" (not to mention work experience) and, personally, I would rather have someone with a little bit of "seasoning" than straight out of university into MBA school. In your case, it seems to be university...grad school...and then MBA?
@2015-05-07 05:01:44
I know - perfectly agree about the pointless aspect of someone who starts at 22/23 since I gained so many other personal skills outside of university in travel. sport, networking, business, work - things you don't learn at university - just thought I should be 25/26 when starting and then starting MBA position at 26/27! The Masters in real estate and investment is part time to give me direction - MBA would just be the management so I could go my own way, explore new options and that finishing of a personal education..Personally, I'm going to try and apply for 2015 and will be 28 when finishing - think this is a prime age..

Just read somewhere that best age to start was 25/26...but most top 10 MBA schools average around 27-29 (especially as you get military applicants who say have served 4-6 years after undergrad). Personaly the MBA would do little for me now as I havn't specialised in my niche market - but I guess if you have the experience at 25 then shouldn't be a bad thing..

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@2015-05-29 15:43:45
yeah right - 27/28 is a perfect time to do an MBA.
@2015-07-05 14:25:30
Nonsense, those are just averages and 27/28 is smack in the middle for MBA.

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