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@2003-03-20 04:03:33
On March 19 We re-sent our printable notes to all paid members due to a file name confliction error in our previous files. If you are a paid member and have not received the new version of notes, please send us an email.

Thanks to MrDj for pointing out the error!
@2003-03-20 07:44:24
Dear Mike

Could you tell me which LOS were not included last time? I have already printed out some of them. Thank you.


@2003-03-20 09:18:20
Are the new files significantly different from the ones sent previously ??? I have already printed out most of them too.....please help
@2003-03-20 12:03:38
Sorry for not providing details in my last message.

The readme file states:
The file name convention is SSxSyLOSz, where x is the study session number, y is the section number and z is the LOS number.

For example, SS4SALOSa refers to LOSa, Section A of Study Session 4. However, there are two Section As in Study Session 4, one for preliminary readings and one for normal readings. When our last program was extracting data from our database, it created two files with the same file name: SS4SALOSa.html. As the result the first file was overwritten and you did not get it.

You don't need to re-print those files you have printed out. As we have explained in our new "readme" file, we have added the optional "pre" to the file name system for those LOSs belong to premilinary readings.

There's no content change at all. We just added the missing LOS files for premilinary readings.

Any questions, please discuss here as we cannot handle individual emails due to large volume of messages we receive every day.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you!

The CFACenter Team

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