AuthorTopic: To what extent shall CFA Program help me?
@2017-11-15 20:43:53
This is my first post on this space. Yes, I am an Indian and I also have seen many post asking if someone can get a job after completing this program or not. However I have few other concerns as well on which I need an unbiased opinion from someone who is aware of Financial (Investment) Industry at the time being.

I have worked for BPO (US process) industry prior to this and interacting with Americans I was so influenced by them that I got a strong liking towards America and Americans. Thus I decided that I shall do anything and everything to be in the States. Thus I was of an opinion that CFA Program would help me achieve this dream of mine.

So now I want to know what all qualifications and experience should I have so that I reach the ultimate place I want to, in short what does it take for an Indian (me) to be in the States.

CFA Discussion Topic: To what extent shall CFA Program help me?

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!