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@2009-01-22 15:33:15
I graduated in '06 from one of the top liberal arts colleges with a degree in PolSci. Now, I am doing research at a medical school but I know it isn't for me. I would like to take the Level 1 exam in June. Is that enough time? I have only taken one accounting class. I am a good math student so I am not worried about my learning the material. I more concerned with the time to study the material.

Also, does taking the Level 1 exam make it easier to find an analyst position if you have no prior experience? I am doing this because I thinking it would increase my chance of finding a job in finance. Right now, I keep getting interviews but no offers. I really think it is because of my lack of a finance background.
@2009-01-24 15:13:38
It all depends on how much time you can set aside to study. Have a look at the material and evaluate how much difficulty you have in mastering the LOS's. As for your math experience, the math required for level 1 is relatively simple so you will most likely breeze through quant and will be quicker through equity and fixed income analysis. Since you dont have a finance background, you will probably find FSA to be the most difficult and time consuming. Unfortunately your educational background will be of little benefit for L1. Having said that, you have 18 weeks to prepare, so I would recomend you set aside at least 15 hours a week to start and see how that goes.
@2009-01-27 07:17:30
Given the current job market you are going to have a lot of trouble getting a job - especially without any financial background/experience. You have a little under 4 and a half months to study which is definitely enough time if you can put in at least 15-20 hours a week.

The math is not the problem. All you need to know is how to compute some formulas on a calculator. The difficult part is the volume of material - and you probably have not seen 3/4 of it before - which means you're going to have to do more practice than those with a financial background before you master all the material.

What are you interested in? Analyst's are getting laid off from most of the BB's. Even Goldman is firing the bottom 5%. However, given your college background (sounds like you went to a NESCAC school or something) you will have a leg up. If I were you I'd definitely take Level 1 now, rather than later, and then level 2 the following June and you will be in much better shape. Good luck.

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