AuthorTopic: tricky L2 exam
@2009-06-07 04:43:36
I found morning session easier then afternoon (may be I was just tired). in the derivatives in the afternoon session for the swap question, I had to calculate discount factors for 6 rates. that is just plane ridiculous. there were many very tricky questions with wrong answers in the choice. for example in the quant, the correlation for inflation and unemployment. first I did the sqrt of R2 and put .46. then I looked at the equation and realized they are negatively correlated and sure enough there was also a choice for -.46. so fixed that. does anyone remember the answer for the gold and option combination question where price change to 1005. my answer was A which was 46k or something like that. I did so many ethics questions for practice, yet, I felt some of the ethics questions were very tricky. its a difficult exam.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!