AuthorTopic: trouble with notes
@2004-01-06 13:24:28
When I downloaded the notes for Study session 3, several of the pages would not come up and a message came up saying something about the font being corrupt. I'm not sure if my computer is causing the problem or if its just the file.

@2004-01-06 13:41:36
I had downloaded it, It works find, try to re-install acrobat again. See if it works then.
@2004-01-07 03:18:35
I had this problem. try to use the ful version of Acrobat 6 and you should be ok.

good notes, well worth my 39 dollars.
@2004-01-09 10:01:27
It is the problem of old version acrobat. When I use version 5.0, there is such problem. If you download the 6.0 version, that is ok.

Are you the one in Shanghai?

CFA Discussion Topic: trouble with notes

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