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@2003-11-28 08:32:00
Any one is attending the level I in UAE?
@2003-11-28 08:43:54
for the next week.
@2004-12-01 03:01:16
hey a7mad7, i just signed up for jun 05 level 1. do u have any books for sale?

if u do, pls contact me at 050-4156695.
@2004-12-02 20:16:45
hi i am attending it there on saturday. was thinking of staying in the bustan but figure the time would be better spent studying, not lounging by a pool or in the restaurants.

can contact me at
@2004-12-11 07:16:12
Hi, THis is Kamath. I appeared for Dec 04 exam in Abudhabi. was quite tough. I am confident of passing. I want to know about students planning to appear for June LEvel 2 exam. Would like to plan the purchase of books. pls contact me at
@2004-12-23 04:27:55
Hellow pabbu
so you toke the level 1 exsam. what do you think of it? How hard is the material? Everybody is scarying me out.
@2005-02-14 01:13:09
I took the Level 1 in Dec 2004, unfortunately failed with non-flying black colors :-(
Anyways, I've started studying again for level 1 (June,05). hopefully I'll crack it this time.. Material is not tough, its just u need concentration and rigorous study in all area.
@2006-02-12 12:31:34
Hi, I am a LEVEL III candidate from Dubai. appearing for Jun 2006 exams.
@2006-03-19 10:13:59
Hi guys, i'm appearing for level I December 2006 examination, looking for a study group.
@2006-04-04 14:38:28

add me at msn :
@2006-09-13 20:32:19
I am preparing for Level 1, June 2007 exam. Does anyone know of current study groups?

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