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@2006-09-09 02:31:28

I am due to take the December L1 exam, however I am only on SS3 at the moment.

I have just taken and passed the CSI - CSC and IMT exams and only have the PMT exam for Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) Status...I also want to take the Technical Analysis Course.

I am sure that I could pass the PMT and the TAC within 3 months but am unsure if I will pass the CFA L1 in the same period of

Would you suggest that I take the PMT and TAC now and take the CFA L1 in June 2007 and then be on a June-June schedule for the exams as even if I passed L1 in December - It would only leave 4+ months for L2.
@2006-09-10 01:41:38
Any suggestions as its urgent that I get other peoples opinions
@2006-09-10 18:33:51
If you have to finance background, you better take the exam in June. It's kind of late. Why not try to pass it now, and if you fail, retake it in June?
@2006-09-14 18:15:45
Cheers for the post samco

Anyone else?

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