AuthorTopic: Using Qbank offline. Is it possible?
@2015-12-28 08:11:50
I'd like to know whether AN's qbank is available offline as well i.e. whether I could still access the qbank while not having an internet connection.
I've been trying to contact AN team about this 3x but I haven't received any response yet. My question is very simple. I commute to work and the internet connection is very bad on a train. I'd like to practice the Q&A while travelling. Therefore, does the qbank require an internet connection? I'd like to know this before I purchase the package. Many thanks.
@2013-01-11 10:00:26
Hi Monikat:

We did reply to your earlier queries. The offline ebook can work without Internet connection, although it does need it the very first time you start to use it. It contains all the study notes, basic and review questions (5,800+ for level 1, and 2,800+ for level 2). You can also print our study materials directly from the ebook.

Have a good holiday,

Mike @

CFA Discussion Topic: Using Qbank offline. Is it possible?

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!