AuthorTopic: Using the BA II calculator for long calculations
@2019-05-17 08:52:42
for example, how do I calculate 5C3*0.65^3*0.35^2.

Or even simple stuff like 0.3^6+0.4^5+0.5^4
@2019-05-23 19:43:08
5C3 = ans

Not so practical but it works
@2019-05-24 21:43:03
oh wow, thanks. The use of ( ) just seemed so weird to me since I am very used to TI-84
@2019-06-21 13:14:32
I encourage you to search in YouTube or other pages for some videos on the BA II. It is extremely important that you learn how to use the () and the different savings/storage functions the calculator has. Furthermore, there are some very helpful built-in functions which are of great help.


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