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Forum members please provide your valuable suggesations.

35 years old with BS and MS (both major in computer science) doing IT consulting for the last 12 years with no accounting/financial background... intresting in doing CFA to change his/her career.

Questions 1: How good is this option?

Question 2: Is this feasible? OR it's waste of time and money because I'm too old and don't have basic accounting/financial knowledge.

Questions 3: If I opt for 2006 June L1 than what would be best books/notes? Do I need to study some basic accounting/finance books before reading CFAI books?

Questions 4: Is AnalystNotes enough? Is June 2006 study books for Level 1 from CFAI enough? OR I need both?

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question 1: If you have both MS in IT, 12 yrs experience, and hold the CFA designation, you would maybe have to hire a publicist to field requests for resumes, samples, interviews. Not exactly but you get my drift. The avg. salary in the Northeast U.S. for some person with CFA Chartership is approaching $300,000. Draw your own conclusions.

question 2: Feasible. on there is an assessment exam to determine your knowledge of the main subjects. Take it.

questions 3: There are free sample notes all over the internet for CFA Level I exam. Stalla, analystnotes, Schweser, Shulman. Take a look at them, don't cost nuthin'. Basic accounting is journal entry oriented. CFA Financial Statement Analysis is just that. Analysis of information

question 4: CFAInstitute researches, writes, grades, make recommendations on the exam, plus they are the regulatory body. They recommend the textbooks. Let me type that again. The governing body of the exam recommends the textbooks as the primary study material.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!