AuthorTopic: Vote which is the easiest calculator?
@2011-07-29 09:02:18
Hi, I like to take a vote on what you think is the easiest calculator. Also, please state the advantages of your choice.
@2011-08-05 11:07:27
TI BA 11 PLUS is the more user friendly. In my practise I had been using the HP 12C, however since I started using TI, there is no looking back!!

Ex: Using the Interest converstion mode i.e from Nominal to Effective or vice-versa, using the HP12C you have to memorise ( as if there is not enough memorising to do) all the steps. Whereas with the TI you just use the ICONV mode.

My vote goes to the TI BA11 plus!!
@2011-10-02 13:01:37
I've only used the HP 12C and it's very intuitive and easy to use.

The manual has great examples and step by step keystrokes needed. Once you do an example you know how it works. The keys feel pretty good so it's not like working with a crappy calculator.

I'm the type of person who could never figure out a TI 89 too, but I'm biased since I haven't used the TI.
@2011-10-21 07:29:37
Try the 17B 11 HP .
@2011-11-25 09:59:45
HP looks better =)
@2011-11-30 18:21:21
I just purchased the TI BA II Plus Pro. It's quite easy to use.
@2019-03-20 03:37:36
I think the basic point in the choice of calculator is the quasi-religious issue about whether you prefer algebraic notation or reverse polish notation.

I switched to reverse polish notation 20 years ago, and cannot operate an algebraic calculator on anything else than trivial problems, so the only choice for me is the HP12C machines.

The HP12C is fairly good and user friendly. The only significant drawback is that it takes a very long time to compute an IRR given a cash flow. The HP12C platinum has a stronger processor, which minimizes this problem.

Not knowing the Texas machine at all, I can imagine that for a person who can operate an algebraic calculator, the Texas machine would have its advantages over the HP ones.

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