AuthorTopic: Want to Switch from IT to Finance
@2015-04-09 11:51:51
Hi guys.
Currently i am working with a IT MNC as Test Engineer ( 3+ years experience), during that i reliase that i am more comfertable with Business knowledge( business planning, investment, strategy etc.). Now i am planning to switch to financial sector. So what shud i do MBA or CFA..and what wud career prospect after doing this.

Gopal Krishnan
@2015-04-13 12:26:08
I'm currently in IT and planning to do the switch. I have registered for CFA. I think CFA is strictly finance, while MBA will give you exposure to other fields. I am not sure of how much finance there is in an MBA...

Good luck!
@2015-04-25 17:34:39
Gopal, This article might be relavent to you.
@2015-07-06 23:43:41
guys nothing wrong if u do mba first just to make urself a bit easy and use to of acc nd fin Plus get a job in acc \fin.

Laters u can do cfa ,lifa etc whatever u like.


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