AuthorTopic: Weird issue with BA II Plus - maybe can help you as well
@2019-08-04 03:10:53
Hi all, that's quite weird: I recently bought a back-up calculator, having bought the previous one in 2015. Bought of them are BA II Plus calculators, and indeed from the look at least they seem identical. In my old calculator, if I type for example 27 / 3 ^ 3 I get 1. In the new one, I get 729, or 9 to the power of 3: in other words, it is as if I had typed (27/3)^3. This is really annoying because it forces me to use parentheses where I would not use them with the older calculator. The issue is not only with exponents: for example, a simple 27 - 1 * 27 gives 702 (26*27) instead of 0! Has anyone ever encountered the same issue? Does this depend on specific settings? If so, does anyone have a clue how to change them? Thanks a lot in advance!
@2019-08-10 06:33:34
2nd FORMAT , scroll using up or down arrow, look for AOS/Chn. AOS is algebraic operating system, I.e. good ol' BEDMAS; Chn is chain calculation.

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