AuthorTopic: What additional material should I buy?
@2019-07-27 04:51:08
First of all thanks for having me. I am somebody with a bachelors in accounting and a master in financial management who is currently working as a bpm SAP finance consultant. I graduated almost two years ago.

I am currently studying for the CFA level I exam in December, I have just finished Ethics and Quant and am now at about p70 in financial reporting and analysis. Currently I am only using the CFAI books, I was wondering if I am going fast enough ( I combine this with my full time job, I try to do about 3 readings a week ) and whether or not I should get some additional material?

Also I keep reading mock exams are very important, should I get any, if so which provider would you recommend?

Thanks for your advice
@2019-08-02 03:54:47
Just using the cfai text is going to be v.time consuming. 3000+ pages. Consider using a third party.

Oh, and leave Ethics till last.
@2019-08-14 14:16:14
Especially for Level 1, I would get the Schweser or AnalystNotes materials. Much faster reading. Once in a while you hear someone say there was one problem on the exam that they think wasn’t covered by them. Because you can’t discuss actual exam problems, this is hard to verify.

However, you will frequently find people who only used the Institute’s materials who ran out of time.

Personally, I would get the AnalystNotes or Schweser Essential.

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
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Andrea Schildbach