AuthorTopic: What analystnotes option to buy?
@2011-06-04 21:15:17
69, 79, 89, 99?

My purpose is to go through as many questions as I can, and fully read why I am wrong, when I am wrong. What's the best option? How do the packages compare?
@2011-06-04 21:23:56
I got the $99 version: only $30 difference and I don't think it matters that much. The $89 one gives you the review questions offline and the $79 one gives you the offline basic questions and notes. All packages give online access to everything so if you are online all the time the $69 should be enough.
@2011-07-04 21:32:20
Yup. I'm online almost all the time.

I also like the idea that with online tests you get immediate answers and detailed explanations, including references on where to look for more info.

However, I want the hardest tests possible and I was wandering whether there was a difference between the questions in each package ("basic questions"... does that mean there's something better?).

Any ideas?

(...seems like you gave me the answer but I want to make sure)
@2011-07-05 11:10:10
just go full $99 version. What is $30 crappy US dollars worth today? 2 or 3 drinks? Nothing really.

@2011-07-12 13:19:50
Got the $79. Happy with it. Depends on how much internet access you have really. I'm glad I went 79 rather than 69 because it means I can read it on the bus etc...
@2011-07-20 04:52:23
I got the $99 version cause I don't really want to login all the time. Try the demo for the online version and if you're happy with the layout and everything, go for that. You get the same amount of questions for all the packages.
@2011-08-13 15:51:02
hey tony, this website is great
@2011-08-17 06:45:07
Do they offer practice exams for CFA Level 2 candidates?

How can I buy them?
@2011-09-15 14:53:32
I really would like to upgrade my account, any idea how to do it?
@2016-11-23 10:50:09
I'll most likely get the $99 package.

How does the offline review exam work? Will the answers be printable?

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