AuthorTopic: What are you finding to be the most difficult?
@2018-10-15 17:03:24
Or rather, what's taking the most of your time to study?

I don't have an accounting background. Financial Reporting and Analysis is really taking me a while. I'm hoping the other topics will go more smoothly than this. Do you agree that it takes the most time to prepare for or is that just me?
@2018-11-06 20:11:38
FRA in general has taken me most time to study so far. Specifically; Taxes so dry did not retain very much from the Schweser reading which is basically a repeat of the textbook, and waste of money. Finished reading it last night yikes. its going to be a grind going back to that again in November. God help me.
@2018-11-24 11:14:12
FRA took me ages as well and some parts are very annoying to get through, especially taxes (DTA, DTL), sucks....still need to do one book and then im gonna do non stop question bank pounding and mock exams. I feel like I have forgotten most of the things already...hope it gets better when reviewing and practising. How are you all feeling about? Good luck everyone for this last months prep !

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh