AuthorTopic: What are your scores on CFA mock exams
@2008-06-02 01:30:35
What are your scores on the Mocks?? I did much, much better on the CFAI mocks then on Analyst notes.
@2008-06-04 08:30:20
same with me
@2008-06-04 18:23:12
What scores did you guys have on AN and what did you get on CFAI?
@2008-06-05 01:36:36
Anyone know if AN mock exams are tougher then the real thing? If they aren't I'm screwed! :)
@2008-06-05 21:17:11
first exam i got percentile ranking of 16% and took 300min.
2nd exam got percentaile of 54% and took 322min.
3rd exam i tried to stick with time and did it in less than 180 min with 46%
....the fourth one....171min with a 9 percentile. utter fail...

my percentage ranking for the segments(practice exam type questions) = 50-78% percentiles.

anybody else care to post scores?thinking im gonna grind the ethics and last two mocks tomorrow. then come what may. :)
@2008-06-06 00:41:54
I ma not really sure what to think. I find the CFA book and questions really easy and this site and the stalla to be tough. I think that the difference is the fact that CFA is more theory and these sites really give too many questions based on memorizing the formulas.
I have been told that with teh real exam, you can do it with an ordinary calucltor and the thory matters much more then the formulas.
@2008-06-07 00:12:27
Had a rude shock when i tried the first AN Mock at 1%. Have tried 3 mocks and all are at the bottom ranks...There is a lot of forumlas to memorise....This is really dooms...

i tried CFA sample exam and there isn't so much calculation work to do....wonder if its due to just 60 questions asked vs a full 120 qn.
@2008-06-07 00:51:02
For Level I, I found the mocks on here to be much more challenging. I passed LI, but I think my highest mock on this site was in the 50s.

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
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Andrea Schildbach