AuthorTopic: What are your study habits to prep?
@2017-08-26 16:42:18
I’ve been studying since May and currently my routine consists of reading the study notes, answering the end of chapter concept checks along with the CFA book practice questions at the end of each chapter. Finally I will answer about 20 questions in the question bank. I wash, rinse and repeat this routine every chapter and so far I've been scoring reasonably well (about 80-90%) after each chapter but my big worry is that there is so much information I’ll quickly forget about everything I learned a month ago.

Is this a similar routine for everyone else? Do you integrate past chapters back into your studies on a consistent basis? How is everyone else going about studying for the exam?

Appreciate any feedback
@2017-08-31 19:07:11
Great ! Super, Even I am doing the same , and same way I am forgetting the old topics which I have finished long back, but after I finished with my all readings, I will do a quick review and start model tests, that is the only way to remember everything together.

By the way, How many subjects you have finished?

And let see how seniors give the feedback.

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.