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@2012-01-16 23:28:00
Hi to all! I am new at this, I just joined to prepare for the Dec 2012 exam and I was wondering if you can recommend what calculator I should buy. I would like one that already has all the formulas programmed in and that can be easily accessed. Ans secondly, are all types of calculators permitted to be used during the teat or are here any restrictions? Thanks in advance for you answer.
@2012-01-17 05:58:19
Use the Texas Instruments BA II Plus, it's way better than the HP. Just so you know, your calculator won't have the formulas programmed in, you get to program them into your head (memorize), hundreds of them, have fun.
@2012-01-17 09:23:22
Texas Instruments BA-II plus Pro. that's the way to confusions, just results.
@2012-04-25 12:51:31
Definitely TI's BA II plus. The formulas actually are programmed into it in a sense, you just have to know how to use it. And there are very helpful "how to's" all over the internet, and right on TI's website. good luck!
@2015-07-23 00:09:01
If you are familiar with algebraic notation calculators and prefer those (where you press 2 + 3 = , and the display shows 5) then choose Texas.

If you are familiar with reverse polish notation calculators and prefer those (where you press 2 ENTER 3 + , and the display shows 5), then choose HP.

The HP Platinum model does algebraic as well as reverse polish notation, but given algebraic notation, I would assume (not knowing the texas machine at all) that the texas is at least as good.

I got accustomed to reverse polish notation 20 years ago, and cannot operate an algebraic notation calculator anymore. This leaves me with HP as the only possibility. But I really enjoy working with the HP, I think it is a good machine, once you have learned the necessary tricks.

If you dont know reverse polish notation in advance and decide to try the HP, be prepared for a learning curve, and you might end up preferring the texas anyway.

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