AuthorTopic: what did u guys think about the test today?
@2007-12-02 03:09:11
@2007-12-02 22:30:05
i think asset valuation was quite tricky and i m not really expecting a very good score in this area .. i found ethics fsa and corporate finance quite easy
@2007-12-03 12:05:47
Wasn't well prepared but I thought 3 hours was loads of time (maybe because of the fact that I wasn't well prepared).

Brain was fried in the afternoon session. Found this much more difficult to complete.
@2007-12-03 19:00:56
I found Ethics, FSA and Portfolio to be managable. Quants and Economics was straightforward but i forgot to recollect the formulas. They did not ask much questions on derivatives except a few theory option pricing and practicals on short call/Long put. I was expecting more questions but surely they give a huge weightage to Ethics, Portfolio and FSA. Lets hope for the best.

All the best guys for the result, lets keep improving in our life.

@2007-12-04 01:21:01
I am hoping the following score. What do you guys think about my chance of passing December Level I exam?

1. Ethics: 80% +/- 10% error margin
2. Quantitative Method: 80% +/- 10% error margin
3. Economics: 40% +/- 15% error margin
4. Financial Statement Analysis and Corporate Finace: 55% +/- 10% error margin
5. Asset Valuation: 60% +/- 10% error margin
6. Portfolio Management: 80% +/- 10% error margin

I am hoping to score higher than 70% in three sections including (Ethics, Quantitative methods, and Portfolio Management), but other two sections (Asset valuation and FSA) would be between 50% and 70% and one (Economics) probably be in less than 50%.

With that expected score, should I start studying for level II?

(P.S. I never had taken any Economics, Accounting, and Finance classes in University, but had good knowledge of mathematics because of my engineering background)
@2007-12-04 15:33:20
I thought the exam wasn't that bad! The practice exams on this awesome website were certainly a lot tougher. I was surprised that really tough questions were omitted (think currency arbitrage) but I think the big determinant in passing will be how you handled tricky question wording, i.e. what is the LEAST LIKELY outcome? Which answer is the CLOSEST?

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt