AuthorTopic: What does CFA Level 1 Passed give you?
@2019-08-15 16:40:14
Okay, straightforward question here. I've just passed CFA Lvl 1 and i know its nothing compared to level 3. Just hoping some insights from people whom already passed it several years ago. What does level 1 give you? Some sudden advance in career? More income? More networks? Or else?
@2019-08-16 04:32:21
I actually did get an equity research interview after passing Level I. Should have waited for after Level II as all the questions were about valuing a company and I hadn't really learned anything about that until during Level II studies. (Economics major, worked in corporate finance, no experience valuing companies)

I would say updating your LinkedIn - it looks nicer after you have passed it. It shows you at least know a thing or two about finance and are dedicated enough to studying for it. Other than that same rules apply for getting a raise, finding a job, etc. I did get a 20% raise this year but my boss and I talk every day about CFA and have discussed that. Lots of people work places where no one even knows they're taking the tests or it's an expectation.
@2019-08-17 09:38:53
Nothing .what it does give you is a hope. Thats valuable..isnt it ;)
@2019-08-18 21:25:15
How long does it take from cfa result day to hiring day in your own experience? Where did the employer find out you passed cfa level 1? Tell me more!
@2019-08-19 07:25:53
The ability to register for Level II - and really nothing more.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt