AuthorTopic: What habits betray your badass financial job and high standing in society
@2019-05-19 01:00:20
Whilst cleaning the bathroom the other day, I was thinking to myself what kind of things do I do on a regular basis that if a stranger saw me, he would more likely think I was a common middle class bum rather than the grandiose kiss-my-feet Wall Street professional that I am -

1. Take public transportation everywhere
2. Clean my own bathroom, wash my own dishes, mop my own floors
3. Track my expenses to the nearest penny and get annoyed when I spend $10 more than I should have in any given month
4. Walk around in t-shirt and shorts when I'm not working (and even some times when I am working)
5. Play internet poker - for fake money
6. Up until I got married I used to use plastic utensils because I was too cheap to buy real ones
7. Used to take the Fung-Wa Chinatown bus to Boston and Washington DC until there was a riot on one trip
8. Still have the exact same furniture that I had 8 years ago, with the exception of a $100 desk I bought at OfficeMax, an $80 dresser and two $40 bookshelves from IKEA, and two other bookshelves that I got for free
@2019-05-20 08:30:29
Agree with everything except number 2. I've never done any of that.

I also borrow my girlfriend's mercedes on a regular basis and tell people it is my weekend car.
@2019-06-20 18:28:36
(1) I always look to buy things on sale. I will only pay full price for things if I really like them.

(2) As a corollary to point #1, I buy stuff on eBay and all the time. I believe in bargain-hunting.

(3) I clean my own bathroom, wash my own dishes, mop my own floors (I don't have anyone else that can help me with that, and I'm paranoid that inviting a cleaning staff could lead to burglary)

(4) I shop at Target and Wal-Mart for most everyday items, with the exception of sandwich meats where I need to get premium cuts from the gourmet deli. I believe that anything I actually ingest requires a little more attention to detail and good tastes.

(5) Whenever it's convenient, I believe in carpooling, even if it means that I'm the one doing the driving

(6) I'm generally a pretty laid back and inconspicuous guy (aside from my polished appearance in business attire, but that's only on the weekdays). I don't think my polos and jeans look on the weekends would suggest anything else other than "middle class." The only times I've ever spent more than $150 on casual outerwear were for jackets and coats.

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