AuthorTopic: what is exam day like?
@2019-05-12 22:34:43
the tension and emotions...

more importantly, how is the test administered - if its on a pc can you go back and redo problems that you already submitted (if time allows it)?
@2019-06-03 20:19:03
As to the test administration - you'll be taking it on scantron sheets [you'll be handed a question book and an answer bubble sheet at the start of each of the two sections]. Yes, you can go back and re-work questions if you've got time.

As to the tension and emotions, it's pretty intense. I took and passed level 1 in New York City, where the exam was done in the Javits convention center - myself and about 7000 other aspiring candidates packed in a huge hall, two to a picnic table.

Emotions are mainly just relief in feeling that
A) The actual test was about as hard as my mocks had been - not much better or worse. BTW, the analystnotes mock exams are much harder than the real one (from my experience).
B) I was finally going to have my free time back, if only for six weeks while I waited for results.

Put in your required number of hours until you're getting 80%+ on practice exams, and the nervous tension will not be a problem.

Best of luck!

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