AuthorTopic: What is the best MBA program for investment
@2018-05-05 16:19:00
what is the best mba program out there that will prepare you for investment management/securities analysis? I am a level I CFA candidate.
@2018-05-10 02:35:00
Depends what you're looking for in the way of preparation. Top finance schools include Wharton, Columbia, and Stern. Wharton and Stern especially have good reps as schools where you can get a very strong grounding in finance. Columbia is excellent, of course, but much more theoretical.

If you can get into Harvard, then I'd go for Harvard no matter what you want to do. While Harvard may not be ranked number one in the rankings, it is number one in the minds of most company executives. But having said that...Chicago is, of course, an outstanding economics school. Also good for finance.

Well, as a Stern (Undergraduate) grad, I guess I should push for Stern. The Finance Department was excellent when I attended, and appears to have only gotten better over the last decade. One advantage of Stern is the adjunct faculty from Wall Street firms who really do this stuff every day, not just in theory.

It might not be so bad to take the "time off" to get some work experience and wait for a September admission.
One caution I might make about mid-year admissions, is that most of the really good scholarships are given out in the fall and there's not much help around for January entrants. (If I had only known that when I entered grad school in another division of NYU I would have had a much better aid package with less debt -- that was almost 20 years ago, so my extra $5K in loans could be some serious bucks in 2016.)
@2018-06-26 19:17:38
how does anyone get scholarships from these school? what are the necessary requirements? thanks.
@2018-08-01 18:37:06
Got a "top 50th something". Any use? Next to none. So aim for top 10 if not five. Luckily this is not my own idea, browse BusinessWeek cause I can't find the article that I'm referring to. All that is not top tier - waste. Cause it's too many of them now.

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