AuthorTopic: what is the best testbank for L2?
@2005-10-06 08:28:09
which one have you guys been using?
@2005-10-09 11:16:14
There really is not great source for level 2 item set questions. None of the actual exam questions are made public. So vendors can only guess with limited input from recent test takers. Some are way too easy, and some are way too hard, and all basically miss out on the context the actual questions are asked (which I think is most important).

I have failed a lot of exams and spanned a lot of variance between each level and year. One year I would need to be a statistician, and the next year I never used the financial functions of my calculator (and manage to pass), and this is within the same level.

So who the hell knows how the item set questions are going to be asked, or how difficult they are going to be, and in what context?????

I think you run a danger of focusing on one vendor for context and difficulty. If you are going to use non AIMR example questions "diversify" and use questions from all sorts. Otherwise, if you focus on a context and that context type is not used in the actual exam, you are TOAST!!!!!!!!

The least risky way to study for the exams are the CFAI LOS and Readings. Those are the rules of engagement. Stalla may be better one year, and AnalystNotes the next.

I feel CFAI exploits the weakness of third party notes. Diversify third party note, and above all only the CFA way is the right way on the exam. IF the notes give one opinion, and the CFAI readings give a contradicting opinion which do you think will be the one graded as correct on the exam?

Best of luck

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