AuthorTopic: What is the most effective review method?
@2018-02-28 23:09:26
I'm curious to find out what method folks are using. I just finished FSA (I started on that because I don't have a finance background and it seems the most challenging to me). Then I went back and re-read all the examples and key concepts in AnalystNotes once more.

But I question its effectiveness.

For example, the first time I read a topic.... I generally get the concepts and can get 70% or so on concept checker problems at the end of each reading. But going back 3 weeks later for the review I have lost it all. Is this normal? I suppose I can shorten the time between reviews... but that really slows things down.
@2018-04-12 21:12:07
I just watch the videos and then do problems for hours on..

If I tried reading the books, my mind would wander off.. the videos are easier to focus on and working on the questions directly help prepare me for the exam.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh