AuthorTopic: What lunch to eat on exam day to wake me up for second half?
@2018-11-10 04:25:42
Last December when I took the L1 test I was so sleepy for the second half after eating a cold and gross chicken sandwich for lunch. What should I eat this time for L2 to "wake me up" for second half? Is McDonald's going to do or something healthier is better? Will drinking coke wake me up because of the sugar or will that have a negative effect on concentration?
@2018-11-11 18:45:24
Taco Bell obviously. Just make sure a sink is available in the bathroom.
@2018-11-12 23:17:42
You should eat whatever you're used to eating a lunch.

If you're used to eating a salad, eat that.

If you’'re used to eating a double cheeseburger with extra-large tater tots, eat that.

Exam day is not the day to go messing with your diet.
@2018-11-14 13:38:08
Something addictive from the Colonel, with his wee *beady* eyes and that smug look on his face.
@2018-11-26 23:10:31
Bring your own lunch, don't leave yourself at the mercy of take-out or waiting in lines.

The last two exams I ate a healthy fat heavy breakfast (eggs, avocado) with some berries or something so I was good for the AM. Kept it light at lunch with a peanut butter and banana sandwich... something that you can easily store without it going bad and isn't the greasy nonsense you'll see other candidates waiting in line to eat.

Last thing you want to be doing is going through digestive discomfort in the PM session because of some poor lunch choice. You can pig out the second the exam ends.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!