AuthorTopic: WHAT THE FLIP!?!
@2017-11-01 05:59:33
I have been answering a lot of questions for each section... scoring 70-80% in all but FRA(scoring well for sec. 7, 8, & 10... need work on 9)

I just took a 120 question mock exam... BOMBED IT!

Has this happened to anyone else? I suddenly feel the need to cram for the next 2 weeks. Probably will be exhausted come Dec. 7
@2017-11-02 02:19:05
I got 21 percentile and 47 percent correct on mock exam 5.
On the practice exams in the study sessions, usually 75%+
@2017-11-03 16:58:05
No, it is not just you. I posted something similar the other day after getting scores of 15%, 23%, and 28%. I went back and hit the sections I did poorly in hardcore (Ethics, Quantative Analysis, Equity and Bond Valuation)

I got a 53%. I too feel the walls closing in. I can't seem to comprehend anything in the 2nd part of Quantative Analysis. Walls are closing in....
@2017-11-30 02:21:09
That's the reason why the exam is so tough. Doing practice question is easier since the whole set of question is about one section while the exam contains all of them.

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