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@2019-08-10 11:10:02
Every time before I took the CFA exam, I played golf and did not once touch my books. You are 24 hours out, a last-minute cram of 3,000 pages of text is not going to help you. Six months of hard work is what helped you. The last thing to do is to get all the materials you need for the next day prepared so you are not scrambling in the morning. Here is my personal checklist before exam day:

Pencils (make sure they are the correct kind that works with the scantron)
Calculators (I bought two just in case one crapped out, it is better than bringing a tiny screwdriver and batteries)
Exam tickets (I printed two because you never know)
Mapquest to the testing center. Just kidding it is 2018, use google maps and know your route.
Lunch (see story below)
Energy drinks (do 5-hour, no sugar to crash)
Jacket (in case it is cold in testing center)
Alarm clock set
Holy Bible (just kidding, if you are prepared you will not need divine intervention)

The story about lunch. I typically go to Chipotle the night before and get a bowl to keep in a cooler in the car. You can go out for lunch, for which you will have an hour, but I do not do this because I get to change my game plan at halftime. For example, if I know 30% of the test is on FRA and I have not seen very many questions on this, the hour lunch gives me a chance to review because I know FRA is coming. The other thing that can happen if you go out to lunch is something unforeseen. Last year I was eating lunch in my car when I heard a car crash outside of the testing center. A car was pulling into the testing center making a right turn, super simple right? A motorcycle for whatever reason was passing him on the right in the shoulder as he was turning. The car took out the motorcycle leaving him in pretty bad shape. Ambulances, police, statements. The guy driving the car never made it back into the testing center to finish the second half. I would rather be prepared and not leave these things to chance.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!