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@2018-06-11 12:22:55

Hello People,

I am preparing for the level I exam (December) and i'm also taking the CMT-Cerified Market Tchnician Exam in October.

I am 23 year old with a BBA.After college i strated trading currencies and later got a job with a private brokrage firm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as Chief Trader.Right now i manage a five figure fund with the same firm.

I would appreciate if someone could tell me if the CFA would be a right choice for me at this stage.I would also like some input on CMT.
@2018-06-14 01:05:21
The CFA will teach you more about analyzing investments than you thought possible. You'll improve your performance. It will also improve your credibility and future prospects.

As for CMT, I have absolutely no idea
@2018-06-14 09:15:38
I don't know about the CMT--Sounds like it just certifies a person in how to write better trading programs to help "fleece" the other traders?
@2018-06-14 21:45:05
CMT cert is for technical (chart) analysis. I have known a few CMTs over time and just like any specialization, performance varies by individual. I've traded several markets over the last 15 years using both fundamentals and technicals. Some use just one or the other. The tools of each all work, but some of the time and the elusive trick is to figure out and know which tool to use when. Find a trading style that works for you, which can really only be done by trial and error. Once you find a style that works for YOU (NOT someone else's style that works for THEM), be very disciplined about following it. In a nutshell, the fundamentals will tell you what is going on and why. The charts tell you the "when" to execute. When both line up, which is not very often (15-20% of the time?), a great opportunity is presented. Good luck!
@2018-08-02 13:29:40

Thank You all for yor valuable advice.


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