AuthorTopic: What was the hardest part about taking the CFA?
@2011-06-21 14:36:17
Just curious...what was the hardest part for everyone about taking the CFA?

1.) Too many work commitments to study properly
2.) Too many family commitments to study properly
3.) Been out of school for too long to study properly
4.) Too much material
5.) Too expensive
6.) Other (describe)

I'm going with #1, as I'm sure many others will.
@2011-06-22 11:40:36
6. The time involved and social isolation. I pretty much had to give up everything else... The hardest thing was probably the isolation. It got to the point where I become significantly more anti-social the more I studied and the less I saw people.
@2011-06-25 12:43:42
Just for the record..... we Level I candidates don't know what the hardest part of "taking the CFA charter" might be, we know only the hardest part of studying for the Level I exam.....

The hardest part of studying for the Level I exam is, in my view, the act of putting down the necessary commitment and long hours of studying on week-ends and evenings. You're really in it for the long haul. It's an extensive program so all those factors you mention, surely have an impact. My teacher worded it very nicely back in early January when he said "Start NOW and study like CRAZY!" and that's what it takes, basically. There is no shortcut, at least none that I have been able to figure out.
@2011-06-25 20:16:20
I thought there are 3 stages of challenges. (1) Too many LOS for a non-finance backgroud person like me. I spent 2 months to go though and understand the concept (not fully understand). (2) Too many key points and calculation formulas need to be memorized, (3) exam formats. Even I thought I understand most of main concepts and calculation skills after 3-4 months intensive study, I still had troubles to do the CFA style quiz (like 2 parts, yes or no etc).

After I did analystnotes ebook and 3 online cfa exam. I started to get a sense of the CFA exam format. I realized I needed to understand the meaning behind and concepts and relationships (this up, that down etc). I also did 6 mock exams here.

Final week before D-day I quickly went through all study notes. It's toughest part of all my study stage since I forced myself to recall all details by look at LOS first. I thought it's helpful to do many mock exams but more important for me is to understand basic concepts. In the morning of D-day, all stuff of the ebook flew through my mind like fresh air on my way to the Site. That helped me a lot such as code law, financial renovation etc.

Am was fair IMHO, pm was tough. Good luck to all.
@2020-01-10 11:58:24
Hello to all.

The forum is nice effort. Looking forward to contribute to it.


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