AuthorTopic: What were you mock exam score averages for the June CFA exam?
@2018-10-21 23:18:54
What were your mock exams scores last time, if you failed the exam? I'm consistently scoring 80% at Schweser mock with about average distribution among topics. So I hope that is enough. However I am getting 55-60% on AnalystNotes mock exams. This makes me worried.
@2018-10-26 13:11:36
Weird for me - on Schweser questions I was scoring high 80+ but I tried the mock exams from CFA and I felt like I didn't even know the topics. I heard from past exam takes that Schweser mock exams are too easy but AnalystNotes ones are harder than the real one.
@2018-11-02 16:16:29
Hi all,

Hope the last minute prep is going well... has anyone else tried the Analyst Notes mock exams? I did another one of those yesterday night and found it really difficult: difficult phrasing etc…..gave me the feeling sometimes I hardly knew the material. For me they make the hardest mock exams by a long way. Hope im not the only one experiencing this.

Good luck everybody!

CFA Discussion Topic: What were you mock exam score averages for the June CFA exam?

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
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Craig Baugh