AuthorTopic: What's new in CFA Level I,June,2007 exam
@2007-02-19 08:19:43
Hey guys,
any idea about whats new in June,2007 level I exam of CFA as compared to last year.
@2007-03-05 16:44:25
I also want to know!

Could anybody tell us the difference between 06 and 07? which topic is added and which topic is out of syllabus? So that I can borrow my fd's notes and just focus on those topics! There is no more time for us to read whole set of notes from the begining.

Thanks a lot!
@2007-03-18 19:04:17
i am interested as well. Anyone? I am also looking for breakdown of how much of exam will be focused on what section like Econ will be 10% or something. Thanks.
@2007-04-20 05:48:13
I too would like to know. This would be of great help.

@2007-04-20 21:51:01
Hi there,

Level 1 - 2007 Curriculum Changes:

As always, the Level 1 curriculum has changed significantly for the coming year. The rearrangement and rewriting of the learning outcome statements (LOS) has been extensive; dozens of new LOS have been added, and some old LOS have been deleted. Additionally, 25 new readings have been added, while others have been dropped. The following changes to the 2007 Level 1 curriculum represent a formidable challenge to Level 1 candidates.

Ethical and Professional Standards

The recommended procedures for compliance with the Standards of Practice are now required knowledge for Level 1 candidates

Quantitative Methods

Many LOS have been reworded and a significant number have been moved to Level 2


The Economics text has been changed. All of the readings for Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are new, as are the LOS
Two readings for International Economics have been replaced with new material
The majority of the LOS are completely new

Financial Statement Analysis

There is one new reading and six new LOS in Financial Statement Analysis

Corporate Finance

The readings are new and cover 26 new LOS
The Corporate Governance and related LOS have been added to Corporate Finance

Asset Valuation

There are two new readings
There are eleven new LOS and many that have been changed or reworded

Portfolio Management

This study session has only one new LOS!

43 days to go, good luck to everyone.

@2007-04-20 22:05:24
hi amitp

you can find the study session breakdown in the CFA Institute's webpage

Ethics 15%
Quant 12%
Economics 10%
FSA + Corp finance 28%
Portfolio mgt 5%
Asset valuation 30%

as you know that the exam is two sets of 120 questions, you can work out the time per question
and number of question per topic.
I divided nb of question/topic by the nb of LOS, this gives a good idea of the topics importance (revision time)
I'm not posting my findings as I still don't know if I'm in the right direction.
answer in 43 days

@2007-04-23 18:25:05
Thanks Pierre-Alain. It is very helpful.
@2007-04-30 18:23:13
So invariably pierreR14 i might as well abandon my 2006 notes and get the 2007 ones or what?

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
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