AuthorTopic: What's so bad about using CFA as a noun?
@2019-02-03 20:24:44
I know it violates the standards, but why? CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst, which is clearly a noun.
@2019-02-10 03:35:54
My friend actually phoned CFA Institute to ask them this very question.

Their answer was quite simple, and has nothing to do with ethics: if they allow charterholders to use it as a noun, there is a risk that it will become a generic term, and they will lose their copyright.
@2019-04-07 03:33:43
Well then, why can't you say "I am a Chartered Financial Analyst"? Why do you have to say "I am a Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder"? (seems like it belongs in the Department of Redundancy Department)

I would not imagine that "Chartered Financial Analyst" could become a generic term.

CFA Discussion Topic: What's so bad about using CFA as a noun?

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