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@2004-09-01 07:45:27
Would someone mind providing me with a bit of advice on the best exam prep material to use for level 1. I realize that this is a bit subjective in nature, but i would be interested in hearing what the majority of people use (at least the ones that passed!:-).

Any ideas would be most helpful.

Thank you.

@2004-09-07 15:07:01
We have dwelled on this question tediously. If you look at our previous posts you will get an idea. That said, I'm not dissuading you.

BTW, choosing a prep provider is totally up to anyone and thats dependent upon ones' way of studying. Basically, there are different ways one can prepare for Level I i.e. Study guides, Textbooks, Test Bank software, Past question papers/model exams, video materials and so on. Irrespective of any type of preparation or prep providers, Level I expects you to learn the concepts damn very well as it is all MC type. I am one of the lucky few who passed L1 this year. I depended on cfacenter's study notes, questions(just for practice and speed) and accounting Textbook problems; studied for 200 hrs.

The following thing I noticed was vital to pass:

Time Management
Adequate Preparation
Knowing the right Formulas(you don't have to memorize them)
Good at handling calculator (Believe me it'll save ur time)

Hope that helps...

@2004-09-11 19:51:49
I did a search through the past discussions, but found little concerning comparisons between prep providers. I did find the solution to whether Candidate Readings, or even text, are needed, ie. we may need the background materials to work with, else we may not know what's a 410K, etc .. anyway, I can always check it up with everyone here!

@2006-01-28 15:18:23

I am planning to sit for the December 2006 Level I CFA exam. I need guidance on what would be the best strategy in preparing for the exam in terms of study methodology, preparatory course provider, time required, etc. etc.

Thanks & Cheers!!!
@2006-03-02 06:43:43

I'm taking L1 in Dec 2006 and I am also looking for advice on what study material to start with. I know that it's mot wise to rely on just one source......but what's the best place to start? Please advise.

@2006-03-13 20:42:02
I'm sitting for the Dec 2006 exam. Are the Stalla notes or the CFA institute's new condensed notes worth while?
@2006-03-15 04:22:31
Hello, I also intend to take exam in 2006. Please contact me, so that we may be able to share studies..

@2006-04-03 03:29:33
i heard stalla's note makes things more complicated. if u wanna study it you might as well study the original CFA texts. Schweser provides a more concise review but then it's famous for omitting some topics that ended up being in the actual test. also, schweser's practice exams are known to be too easy.
@2006-05-02 03:40:45

I have only 33 days more for the exam. I feel that I am not prepared. Any advise out there? Thanks.
@2006-05-02 20:52:11
I am also wondering how to be best prepared...Reading all the informations on diverses sites and collecting friends advice, I can give you my point:
- Schweser is leader but miss some points
- Stalla are too wordy

In definitive I just bought original CFA curriculum books for about $350, can anyone confort me in the decision. I have a management accounting career with some corporate finance. If this is too long, I will use CFA books to deeper knowledge on my weak sections and maybe buy some notes (analystnotes) to review quickly the month before...

Am I doing right?

Thank you in advance for your opinions.

@2006-05-29 14:37:25
Do you happen to be from Melbourne?
I was fortunate enough to pass the exam last time around in Dec 2005.

I did not read broadly about which set of notes to use but one thing useful is I did find that the practice exam on this website to be very very useful. Most of the questions were at, if not above the level of last year's level 1 paper.

COunting down now...good luck for it

@2006-06-15 17:32:37
I am also planning to take Level 1 in Dec 2006. Please do let me know if there is anyone from California Bay Area and would like to form a study group.
@2006-06-16 12:48:05
Am planning to take level 1 in December this year. I really don't know what note to use and how much time to dedicate to this. please HELP!!
@2006-07-12 13:52:00
2. You should buy the CFA study text books. I think this is a must.
2. Analyst Notes are good, I have purchased the CFA books but use the analyst notes to reaffirm/clarify my understanding of the topic.
3. Scheweser are ok, but i'm not sure about Stella. I managed to get hold original scheweser video/audio's etc.
4. the more study material you have the more you can cross reference.
good luck!
@2006-07-30 20:17:36
I am due to take the Level 1 exam in December and have bought the 4 books from the CFA plus flashcards and Audio CD's + analystnotes - what is the best plan for studying the curriculum to maximise me chances of passing first time?

Its 125 days to the exam , so 2hrs per day to get the 250 hrs in seems Ok (does it?) or do I need more time per day.

Any good advice would be apreciated.


Steve (Vancouver BC)
@2006-08-26 22:31:39

I know it might sound like a stupid question, but can you share those video and audio materials with me or sell them to me?

@2006-09-18 16:40:39
I am planning to give my L1 exam in June 07.Can someone please tell me whether scheweser notes are sufficient or one needs to refer to other books as well...does anyone have L1 notes(CFA Inst. or Scheweser) in pdf format
@2006-10-11 00:00:10
Hello people,
I've been studying AnalystNotes for the december 2006 exam. Just wanted to know if there is anybody living near new york city want to form a study group or having different notes want to compare and check with mine.
Gud luck to all
@2006-10-30 08:25:48
Hi All,

I have registered for CFA Level 1 June 2007 and bought CFA institute material. Do i need to refer some other material or CFA institute material is sufficient.

Please help on this and give me some tips regarding preparation.

@2006-10-30 22:31:06
Hi all, has anyone heard of Allen? Could I have some opinions of what people might think of them please.
@2006-11-18 00:16:48
I live in Paris and am planning to take the June 2007 first level CFA. Anybody available for a study group?
@2006-11-29 10:19:43
Hi I am in London and am planning on sitting Lvl 1 in Dec 07 anyone interested in forming a study group.
@2006-12-16 23:19:04
Hi Neel,
I am also planning to take Level 1 in London next December. But I am not going to study for that yet, so maybe we could form a studygroup later.
@2007-01-04 16:43:07
I am interested in forming a study group. Neel and Heydi I am based in South London and work in Baker Street.
@2007-01-15 00:21:04
I am in Santa Clara, CA. If anyone closeby is interested in forming a study group pls let me know.
@2007-01-15 11:09:43
Hi all,

i m at first attemp for the L1....i think i'll apply for dec07. i ve read all in this forum and i ve got my decision: analyst notes + my own material... + working hardly on it...i think it s enough!! the textbooks are too thick and i m working all day long, hopefully in a risk management departement!

....somenone experienced can let me know his/her own idea on it could be great!!

just hope to don't be part of the morons!! ;)
@2007-01-29 03:47:47
Used Stalla and AnalystNotes.

Analyst Notes is the clearer and from far the cheaper. It has everything you need.

For the rest, you just need to work.

Thay're nothing more to say, believe me.

@2007-01-29 10:20:13
Would someone mind providing me with a bit of advice on the best exam prep material to use for level 1. I realize that this is a bit subjective in nature, but i would be interested in hearing what the majority of people use
Any ideas would be most helpful.

Thank you.
@2007-02-06 23:24:43
Hi, I am in Barbados and I plan on taking the L1 exam in June 07, once I cover all the material. I have analystnotes and the CFA texts. Anyone interested in forming a study group?
@2007-02-12 10:43:31

i am from NJ and ma planning to take the LI exam in Dec 07. I am interested in forming a study group, is anypone interested..
@2007-02-28 16:55:27

I am from Budapest, Hungary and i will take the L1 exam in June. I study from Schweser's study notes but i am a bit worried about its quality. So what else should i use? I would also like to form a study group, if anyone interested.
@2007-03-02 11:50:02
Hi Vera,
I am also preparing for June L1. I am interested in forming study group. Please let me how u plan it. Its just 93 days to exam.
@2007-03-12 09:53:25
I heard smth about a financial calculator for the exam; it seems we should use ONLY that during that true or just a voice??

thak you and good luck to all
@2007-03-15 15:36:57
Hi guys,

I intend taking the exam in Dec 07. Are there ant students in cambridge Uk who are also taking the exams and want to form a study grp much later in the year?
@2007-03-16 02:09:55
I am a level 1 starter , looking for a study group in NJ.
Let me know if anyones interested !!

@2007-03-20 10:20:03

Any one thinking about taking a course to prepare the exam?
@2007-03-27 01:05:53
Hi, I just registered today. I am going to take Dec'07 L1 exam. From what I read so far, I gather there are 3 types of study materials:
(1) orginial CFA texts (2) Analyst NOtes (3) Schweser.

What is the most recommended? I am confused.
I have some financial background. But am zero on accounting. Good part is my company pays half the registration/books cost when I pay for them and the other half when I pass (God I hope I do!)

Any tips and tricks - wheen should I start studying etc? Btw am in Sydney - anyone willing to form a study group? Thanks!
@2007-03-27 10:14:59
I just went to the CFA site and checked out the CFA L1 textbooks. The size of each volume is enough to spook me. Is it possible to complete studying through these huge books before exam?
@2019-04-04 09:29:58
You must also consider CFA Level 1 Training Providers to augment your self study with some classroom training. Analyst notes are good, but some people need classroom lectures because they are more auditory in their learning and can benefit from the interactivity that a real live class lecture offers

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